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Darren Burrows works to "Put the band back together"


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Northern Exposure Fans

The Work Continues.

Thanks to the powerful generosity of nearly a thousand Northern Exposure fans, the quest for More Northern Exposure continues ablaze.

We are currently working with a major streaming partner to get a "green light" for the production of a new season, ten episodes, featuring the original surviving cast members and a host of very interesting new characters.

The most current updates and a log of our progress can be found at our Facebook page (link to the right).

If you are interested in our original project, please watch the video above or read our story below.

The citizens of Cicely continue to be the best fans a show could ever have.

The original idea behind our campaign...

Will we ever visit Cicely again?

How about now? Or at least, very soon.

I had the joy and the privilege of playing Ed Chigliak for six seasons.

In the summer of 2015 I was invited to participate in Moosefest, a gathering of Northern Exposure fans whose purpose is to come together and celebrate all that was Cicely Alaska. As I talked with many of them, one thing came up that has come up thousands of times since Northern Exposure ended. The question is always the same:

"When will we ever get to see new Northern Exposure?"

But who would do this?

If you read my book Northern Exposed you learned that there were some dynamics that led the creators of the show to leave Northern Exposure at the end of Season Three. Those same dynamics cost Universal Studios $11 million. You won't see the show's creators or Universal standing in line to make this happen.

Who would make this happen?

Itís not unusual for a cast member to take up the task of revisiting a favorite series. I have a film company. My company can hire actors, writers, directors and producers.  I know all the people that were involved in the show in the first place. People who were responsible for making it great.

They're all friends of mine.

So this is a development project. I want to put together a package of the best creative and acting talent that Northern Exposure had to offer. The goal will be to produce at least one two-hour visit to Cicely. I don't want to call it a reunion or even a movie. I would rather call it more of a double episode. And if everyone has a good time, who knows what that could lead to?

Our working title is Northern Exposure: Home Again.

What is meant by Development Project?

We gather agreements from the individual cast members, the writer(s) and the director.  The writer is paid to write a story/treatment/outline.  The episode is  fully budgeted based on the agreements and the story/treatment/outline.   This becomes a "package" that is then taken into Universal Television (the copyright holder).  Universal Television would begin to find a suitable venue for the show, be it network, pay cable or streaming.

We'll Celebrate Northern Exposure

So-called reunion shows can be hit and miss. While designed to please fans, they rarely tell a good story. You and I know a good story with complex characters sits at the heart of every favorite Northern Exposure episode. Thereís a fine line between celebrating and ruining a television show.

The Mission

Our mission is to set the new standard for a "revisit" such as this.  We will return that magical place and its collection of interesting citizens. Weíll have your favorite characters. Maybe we'll even meet some new folks. Our goals are both epic and reachable.

This I can promise:

We will be authentic. We will remain true to the spirit and values of the show. This is a project to be embraced and driven by the people who both made and loved the show for what it was, and now, for what it will be.  We can't announce any deals yet, but we will be hiring writers and a director whose name you will recognize from the credits of some of your favorite Northern Exposure episodes.

Development is expensive

Development of a television show costs money. There are writers, producers and cast. Deal memos and option agreements and all of it begins and ends by writing checks. The travel cost alone for gathering the package elements and creating the story is astonishing.
But Northern Exposure: Home Again will be something you will help create. Iíll do the legwork, but youíll make it happen. This is what everyone has wanted for a very long time.

Many opportunities to participate

If you look over the perks youíll see you have every opportunity to participate and there are a great variety of things you can take away from the project. Spend some time looking at the possibilities and decide how you want to help us make this happen.

Nothing is Certain

Now this part is important. I believe with all my heart I can make this happen but we all need to consider the possibility that something gets in the way. Be aware we can all put in a Herculean effort and come up empty. Should that happen, you will find a description of alternate perks that you will participate in.

Let's put the band back together!

With great risk comes great reward. Help us gather the best writers, producers, director, cast and crew to make this project a reality. 

Pick your perk and let's make this dream come true!



Current updates can be found on our Facebook Page: