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Darren Burrows works to "Put the band back together"



As I read these comments, I can't help but feel like Jimmy Stewart's character in "It's a Wonderful Life" at the end hearing from everyone.  So many wonderful fans, so many great "salt of the earth" friends...



Great idea!WAAAY too long in coming..I'll be more than happy to do what I can.
-Cape Cod Massachusetts
Joe Kole Darren, I am excited :-)!!...Have funds...@61..this March 21 :-)!! ..May use $$$..for My Eager "AWAKENING":-)!!
-Lindenhurst, IL
Mark Dierker Great idea and I really hope it takes off! I love the independent film spirit!
-Rushville, IL
NFN Kenarahdiyoh I'm so down with this! I was tapped to be the replacement for the cook (Bill White) when he left that's second season but I was working in Montana. When I got back they asked where I was. Wouldn't t want to miss this one!
-Buffalo, NY
Linda Marx Very interested in this Darren...exciting..keep me posted! Let me know if I can help in anyway..
Carrie Skinner This is soooo awesome, Darren!! Have my fingers, toes and ears crossed that it really, really happens. I'm so excited! (BTW, your character was always my favorite.)
--Wolcott, NY
Chris D'Amato Darren, what a fantastic idea and one all of us have been dreaming about for years!!
I'm on board with you my friend!
--Auburn, WA
Matt Conrad Showing my support the best I can right now. I wish I could give the highest amount. Thank you for doing your best to make this happen!!
--Baton Rouge, LA
Alistair Cooper Nice One Darren. Here's hoping we make it happen.
Love and best wishes from across the pond.
--West Sussex, UK
Andy Morris This is great. Thanks for leading the charge, Darren. I really hope this is able to happen.
--Henderson, NV
E. Anderson Mind blown!! Thank you beyond thanks, Darren. I hope to give in the $$$ range and wish more.
--Belleville, Illinois
Ariel Levine (Chef Adam) Totally awesome, there's been soooooo much talk from so many fans and even series regulars about this, nice to see someone taking it seriously, loved seeing you all at Moosefest!
Big Bobby Roache What Northern Exposure fan wouldn't want to take another trip to Cicely?!? Imagine how "even-more" popular NoEx would have been if we had social media back in the day?? Oh sh*t, getting an email from Darren has me pulling out my old CDs! I know what I'm watching after dinner tonight :)
Boyd Jenkinson Glad to help out! Looking forward to the trip home. I will bookmark your site and stay in touch. Good luck!
--Lexington, SC
Kate Parkes I would love to help you breath this long awaited Dream to reality . I would choose Perk #9 of course ! How fun would that be !! If I could I would keep paying & keep assisting you & your crew . However , times are hard as I'm living in my car , I'm only a sub* for Siegrist needs kids ... But who knows ... Maybe my dream will awaken & somehow or another the money will surface into reality and I'll get to be a part of this Dream come true ." WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE" . Never give up Hope , Darren .:) . Great idea project ! Cheers , Kate
--The High Desert , Ca
Matt & Julie E This is such a great concept - we're supporting you any way we can in making this a reality!
--Black Diamond, WA
Patrick Harris Wow!! I am sooo happy Darren, that you have continued to keep the "lights on" in Cicely! I am quite certain that all us fans have a special memory or memories that weave into the series or a particular episode, in some form or fashion...For me Northern Exposure was a beacon of light, at a difficult time in my life, and literally helped lift my spirits, but more importantly experience laughter!! I have faith that whatever challenges present themselves will NOT prevent this project from being completed. More importantly I have faith in you Darren Burrows!! I will dig into my piggy bank and donate all I can.
--Miami Beach, FL
Jenny Barson My favorite show of all time. I was brokenhearted when the show ended. Your character was my favorite. I am so incredibly happy this is becoming something again! I will be donating very soon.
--Clearfield, UT
bobbyd I can't wait to see the Moose march again and hear that glorious theme song. It will be hard forging the stories forward 20+ years. But, if anyone can do it, it is the people who did the best work to make this show authentic. I so hope this happens.
--St. Louis, MO
Larry Great idea Darren! Looking forward to it!!
--Newton, IA
Mandy Stone Got all the DVDs , got the northern exposed book and DVDs now I will have the shirt
Wish I could come over and be an extra but not possible
I hope to get the new Dvd love your work Darren and hope the new project gets off the ground.
--Port Douglas Australia
Ellen McGlynn This is so exciting! You just made me feel 25 years younger! Supporting you and wishing you smooth sailing on this project.
--Clarks Summit, PA
Curt Jingle This is awesome! I've been waiting for years for something like this to happen. I'm glad you're taking the first step toward that end. Good luck and Godspeed, my friend.

BTW, I love the Neil Young T-Shirt. I always knew you were a fan (as am I). I've been to many Neil Young concerts. --Albuquerque, NM
Film Farms For those who haven't noticed, the shirt is the actual shirt Darren wore in the Pilot Episode.
Ralph Gravenstein Thumbs up for that. I bet there will also be several other supporters from over here. I'll spread the word
--Black Forest, Germany
DJ VVolf OUTSTANDING!! Thank you so much for trying to make this happen. This is just the thing fans like me have been waiting for! North to the Future!!!
Cap'n Bobo I really really hope we can make this happen - SOO EXCITING!!!!! PLEASE keep it true to the Spirit of the Northern Exposure we loved so much - and I know we can trust you Darren. Words can't express how much I would love to see Holling and Maurice riding again in the Cicelean sunset! This CAN happen people.... Call Vince Gilligan and get him on board. Imagine NoEx coming back to life, AWESOME!
David Cinti Hey Darren,
How can I help? I would love to see anything that would be Northern Exposure, it would be awesome, anything! You have probably heard this over and again, but it meant so much to so many people, it was a great show full of heart and soul, characters that were so believable and lovable. Thanks to you for your continued enthusiasm and heart for anything with the show. You have helped keep Cicely alive for all us fans. If there is anything I can do to help, drop me a line.
--Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Kate Parkes No wonder why your cool shirt looked familiar! You should wear it in the new pilot when this one takes off!
--Apple Valley, Victorville, Hesperia, Ca
Taliesin One of the greatest series EVER! I have no disposable income to speak of, but will send you all of the karmic energy I can harness to make this happen. I lived on Salt Spring Island (British Columbia) back in the day and this series reminds me so much of the crazy, loveable lunatics I knew when I was there. Hell, I might have been one of them! I hope and pray this happens for you and the rest of us!
--Metchosin, BC
Honda Mike Great idea, Darren. This would be the coolest project. Would love to how y'all interact with each other after all this time. Wouldn't it be great if after only half a day of shooting you would all be thinking, "Wow! This feels just like yesterday."
--Lakewood, So.Cal.
Steve Rhodes This is so awesome!! :) I've been watching the old episodes over and over again, would be way cool if there was a new one! If you want more people to hear about this you should start a Facebook page!--Marshfield WI
Film Farms Darren's Facebook page can be found at
Brian White Have loved this show since day one! Still watch it weekly and my 6 and 8 year old love it! I will support it and pay for it, but I can't help but think, 100k is so easy for one of us to come up with? If I had it,I would donate it in a second! There has to be one N E fan that can make this happen!!
--San Gregorio, Ca
Cindy Sending good mojo for a successful return.. I hope we get to see One Who Waits, one more time.

--Syracuse, NY
Kristi Harris Thank you for being bold enough to get the process started for this project. My husband and I are true "mooseheads". We binge watch the entire series every winter!! I hope a lot of folks will contribute what they can, as we have, to make the financial goal a reality.
--Pryor, Oklahoma
Don Collins I'm very excited to see this project and will help in My own small way, wish I could do more, Darren. Good luck!!
--Canyon, Tx
rja Loved the show. Would like to just contribute $100 now, and more in future, without perks. Please provide a link or contact for that.
--Meridian Twp., MI
Film Farms Simply pick a combination of perks to equal your donation and then put in the instructions/comments/size area of the Paypal form that you wish not to receive the perks, just making a donation!
Mitzi SO excited about this - THANK YOU Darren!!
--Columbus, OH
Alexander We're also very excited about these news! Currently my family and I are watching episode by episode from the excellent complete German rerelease. We' re in heaven.... ;-)
We hope our dream of Home Again becomes true one day.

What is the preview campaign all about?
--Hamburg, Germany
Film Farms We were very grateful to the folks who bought the Northern Exposed Book & DVD set, so we decided to host a 7-Day Preview to give them first position on donating and perks.  After the 7-Day preview campaign time is up Sunday night March 20, we will begin promoting the campaign to the general public.
Rob Zerk Wish I had a lazy $3000 US but I don't none the less I will be doing whatever I can manage ASAP . I cannot wait to see this become a reality. Onya Mate.
--Dalby, Queensland; Australia
Sharon Happy to help!
--New Jersey
Steff and Dana O. YES! Count us in. Loved the Northern Exposed book and DVD, can't wait to see anything we can get!
--Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Becky Childers This will be a great project and all of us who are Northern Exposure Fans, will love to see the characters come back to life again.
--Whitmore, California
Marc Rogers This is great news! LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN!
--Houston, Tx
Kerry McCormick Can someone say awesome ? oh yeah I just did ! Sure do wish I had 1500 but I'll at least donate something !
--Uniontown, Pa
Alex Mineff Been a long time, i hope we can all dream a little Northern dream together again, 1000 percent support even if I'm not able to give that much.... wish i could... will help how i can.
--Phoenix, AZ
Brad Rau Whats up brother?! Long time. This is a very cool thing, I purchased the autographed poster. No Ex was my first of MANY that I worked on. I miss it!
Thank you!
--Redmond, WA
Alice Edwards I trust you, and thank you for being awesome in general, a special character whose soul was brought to life by a special person and a magical cast. There is a great opportunity to stay true to the tale as well as bring out new & exciting elements in a new era. Absolute best wishes and luck. Let's see the Shaman show Hollywood how it's done!
--San Francisco, CA
Sam Are you sure $100k will be enough, seems low for what you are undertaking?
--Texarkana, Arkansas
Film Farms The $100,000 goal gets us through the development process covering legal fees, travel and good faith payments to cast and crew.  We would expect to see a final budget in the area of $4 million for the show itself.
Sam Thanks, $4 million+ will be a good start.
Inadequate funding can doom any project.
My fingers are crossed.
Will contribute to the Development Project.

Good luck.
Julie Altman This is a dream come true for all of us. You are the perfect man to do this. Sucks to be poor or I would be jumping on that $1500 deal for sure. Hoping I make it back to Cicely some day. Also-loved that shirt from the minute I saw it many years ago. So glad you have kept it. Best vibes, karma, wishes etc. to you Darren!
--Dunedin, FL
Karen Dermody So excited! I hope this happens- contributed and will try and do more later if I can as well as spreading the word. Northern Exposure was my favorite show of all time, and I'm a huge Darren Burrows fan too. Was fortunate to visit the set in Roslyn years ago.
--Port Townsend, WA
Robin So happy to see this in the works!
--Warsaw, Poland
Melanie Wade  I join the voices here in saying how AWESOME and exciting this project is!!!! We have your book and dvd and all the Northern Exposure episodes. Such a timeless feel to it all. I will order my Moose-shirt for now and hope to contribute more later - wish it could be more, but hey, many drops help fill the bucket...I just know that you can pull it off and that the integrity will remain true to the original, just with new ideas. I will be eager to see what Ed Chigliak, Chris, Marilyn, and all the rest of the bunch have been up to for the past several years! What FUN!
Many blessings as you go!
--Goshen, Indiana
Steve Golston It would be awesome to see this happen! New generations deserve the opportunity to get some Northern Exposure, too. We can dream what might be possible if an enthusiastic corps of new fans joins all the existing true-brown, die-hard Moose Heads! Like many others, I wish I could give more. I'll be back for another contribution/premium in a month or so if I can swing it....
--Albany, OR
Nacha Soler I wish I could have been an extra, but Roslyn/Cicely is too far, but not in my mind. I wish and hope this project will come truth. Thank you!
--Valencia, Spain
Ken Willman I can not wait! I will be praying everything works out and giving what I can. At a better time financially in my life, myself and a few others looked into buying the show but A&E already had a deal struck.
--Cincinnati, OH
John I've made my donation, and whatever happens, I know it's money well spent. Northern Exposure is one of those shows you can come back to again and again, and it never disappoints. The best of luck, and please keep us posted.
--New Jersey
Jay Hey Darren and Ernie :) ,

You say the 100K is for the development phase and that the final production cost will be 4 Million . My question is do you plan on crowdsourcing the 4 million too? Also can you give any insight as who is writing or co-writing the script?
--Redmond , WA
Film Farms Hi Jay,
We would expect the financing for the production costs will come as a result of the final deal with Universal.  We know who we want to write the script but we cannot announce a deal yet.  It will show up in the "Updates" page.
John So guess you won't be bringing back the Capra's or Mike Monroe? LOL
Brian I hope we can make it happen! I think it would make a lot of people happy! ;)
--Estacada, OR
Kenny W. No Facebook Twitter etc. etc links on this page???? I have bout 3 or 4 hundred ppl on Twitter and maybe 2 hundred on F/B give us some quick links please. I repost what i can to my friends.... I know at least 4 or 5 of them that were/are as touched in many ways from the entire show as I was. Bless you all in this endeavor for this new story..... Ol' Walt should have had a son somewhere along the line.... that would have been me. :')
--Greeley Co.
Film Farms Hi Kenny,
If you could just share the video you will find on Darren's Facebook page that will be plenty.  Darren's Facebook page can be found at
Austin Sloan Excited to hear about this. Loved being there as it was being filmed. This show was what motivated me to become an actor. I haven't seen most of the crew since Peg's memorial service. Maybe it could be written in where Peg's daughter plays the store keeper. I know she is retired now.
--Seattle, WA
Mary Forton I would seriously consider the $1,500 extra perk, but our first grandchild is due on July 31st, so I have family commitments. What a fun perk though. I really hope this is a go. (Ed needs to visit Ruth Ann's grave.)
Shelby Asch This would be wonderful, Darren. Just donated at the $30 level. Hope it can happen. Good luck and please keep us posted!
--San Diego, CA
Ramona Metcalfe Love the idea, and great to see you already have a positive response! Can't wait for the show!
Marita Furlinger What a pleasant surprise to have found this email. Been a fan of the show from the moment I first watched it. Wouldn't the world be a better place if their were more places like the magical Cicely! The warmth and honesty that exudes from the characters cannot be matched! All the very best for this awesome venture! Thank you Darren!
If only I didn't live on the other side of the globe I would most definitely have picked the $1500USD perk. If it's still available closer to the date I may well take the plunge.
Nevertheless T-shirt and DVD will be something to look forward to!!! I will spread the word down under.
--Olinda,Vic. Australia
Ray If you haven't decided on a director yet I recommend David Lynch. Now wouldn't that be something?
--North Bend , WA
Barbara Are most of the original cast members available/on board ?
Film Farms Check in on the "Updates" page occasionally.  Announcements will be made there and donors will get emails.  Darren said in the video all were "open" to the idea.
Randall Bowlin Cool, cool, COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been a fan since it first aired. I could never get enough of it. I hope I can figure out a way to be a part of this one.
--in Sallisaw, OK from Sedalia, MO
Bob A Don't have a blu ray. How do I choose the DVD, where the perk said dvd/blu ray? Thanks.
Film Farms Hi Bob... everyone gets both a DVD and BLU-RAY version.  So if you get a BLU-RAY player later, you can enjoy it in Hi-Def.
Lynn and Monk My husband and I are so excited about this! We just ordered a T-shirt each and will spread the word! We enjoyed the book and video, and now we are totally psyched at the possibility of another NE show to look forward to! We have been saying for years that if we won the lottery we would contact you (Darren) to see if you would be interested in producing a Northern Exposure episode and/or movie...we haven't won the lottery yet, so we're hoping you hit the $100K mark! Love to you and the entire crew/cast!
--Ruidoso, NM
Zach Gibbs This is a dream come true. Thank you for pursuing this Darren!
Randi I felt like I was dreaming when I first saw this post! I so hope this can happen. I've been craving more Northern Exposure since the last episode aired originally and have never stopped watching. Thank you Darren and everyone who is working on this. Donated at the extra level today. What an incredible opportunity to be a part of a new chapter of Northern Exposure. Thanks for having this vision!
--Seattle, WA
Joe This needs to happen! Northern Exposure was hugely important in my life, so much so that I moved to Talkeetna Alaska ten years ago and now operate a small business there! I see so much in my day to day reminds me of the show! Keep up the good work! I always new Ed would succeed as a filmmaker!
--Talkeetna, AK
Connie great!

What I'd like to know is: are the sizes for the T-Shirt unisex size or will there be women's and men's shirts. Also I'm not sure how big s - m - l etc. really is, I mean how long/how broad in inches or cm are they?

many greetings
Film Farms Hello Connie... these are Unisex T's where the small is a women's medium and on up.  You can choose S-M-L-XL and 2X.
Lenette H. I'm so glad that you are pursuing your dream, our dream! The Moose Is Back!!!
--Renton, WA
Lauren Good luck to all! VERY excited!!
--Clearwater, FL
Redcrow I so hope that this happens! The cast, crew and fans were never treated with the respect they deserved when the show's plug was pulled. Thanks for putting this together! Can't wait to see this finally happen!
--Shores of Lake Michigan
pixletwin Thanks Darren et al for doing this. Exciting stuff!!!
--Slick City, UT
Mark Lerario Wow--great idea--- my wife & I love the show and own the boxed set & the "Return to Cicely " DVD. Can't wait for this one !!
--Douglassville, Pa.
Anonymous Haven't seen any media coverage of this very worthy cause -- will the word get out to more casual fans who want to see this happen? Really hoping all the stars align!
--Cicely, AK
Carrie Skinner Wow! Maybe you should reinstate the 'Citizen of Cicely' Extra perk since it sold out so quickly. Bet you could sell more of those.
--Wolcott, NY
Andronicus I'm super stoked :) Go you big red fire engine!
Mike This needs to be put out there so more people can hear about it! So excited...Somehow more people need to be aware of this project. Maybe have some of the actors involved post it on their page as well...
--Las Vegas
Paul Arsenault This is so awesome!!! Long live Northern Exposure!!
--Portland, Maine
Jennifer Jones This show always moved me to tears! Something like that is so rare. Best of luck on this project.
--Jackson, MS
Vicente Silva Great idea and I think you should have share buttons on this website so we can shout to our friends!
--Norfolk, UK
Film Farms Hi Vincente!  Please go to our FB page and hit "Share" on the video of Darren.
Tania R Would so love to see this happen - you have a lot of fans in Australia. Would be great to get Justin Vernon -Bon Iver on board, he is a big, big fan.
--Melbourne Australia
rja/Bob A. Film Farms, thanks for all the personal responses and updates. I noticed just now that all my previous questions have been answered on this page.
Film Farms You are welcome!
Miroslaw Kozlowski Really good idea!
--Gdynia,Poland, EU
Darren Lutz Really hoping this get off the ground. Good luck and God Bless!
--Green Bay, WI.
Chris D'Amato I agree with Jennifer Jones comments on how Northern Exposure almost always made me tear up at many of the endings of episodes. I can't remember any of the current television shows that consistently can do that. It was a combination of excellent script writing and an unbelievable cast! Can't wait to be involved as an extra this summer! Hoping and praying that this is a huge success!! :)
--Auburn, Washington
Jonathan V Northern Exposure inspired me to move from a big city in Southern Ontario to a small one in Northwestern BC. I just loved the stories of remote Alaska.
I really hope this goes forward and I know Darren will treat the project with respect it so deserves.
--Auburn, Washington
Bruce P. Hey – what a great idea, Darren. I can't wait to see Northern Exposure just one more time – good luck in accomplishing it, and put Cicely back on the map (I do realise it's not a real place, but hey-ho). Let's put the band back together!
With best wishes from the UK.
--Grangetown, UK
Lisa McGuire YES! More northern exposure. I am not much of a TV watcher. In fact I have not had cable TV for the last 10 years. But No. Exposure was a classic that I miss! By the way, Ed was one of my favorite characters, so sweet and honest. Along with the doctor's receptionist.....(can't remember her name off the top of my head). The girl with the long hair and a no-nonsense attitude. Great stuff. Let's go back to Cicely and see what's going on. Let your public know what we can do to help.
--Vista, California
Dean S. The only coffee mug I ever use is a Northern Exposure souvenir. It was purchased in 1994 at Roslyn, WA when Northern Exposure was still in production.

That show has been among my all-time favorites. Hope Ed (Darren) can fulfill his dreams to become a filmmaker. :-)

Good luck!
--Vista, California
Morrisons I hope you give the fund raising time a bit more as I just found this and have given what we can afford. We have the NX set and watch it about every other year. Peg Phillips is gone - a few others too and Janie Turner has turned into the Detroit mother she hated in the show (very right wing, blond and too much make-up)So I am not sure how you bring back that community feeling that allows everyone their opinion but if you can do it would certainly love to have that feeling again. Certainly not attainable in this country right now. We got a touch of it from Boston Legal
Jordan B. Can't wait for another annual running of the bulls!
--Philadelphia, PA
Art Pattison Darren,
This is a GREAT idea ! ! I am also a great fan of this series, and have tried to keep the series alive by offering the it with ALL the original music (as copied on as a VHS from a Canadian TV Channel), now on either DVDs or USB plugs (at link removed) I ONLY bother to do this because of the inferior commercial versions that use substituted elevator music.
If I could make a suggestion as to a plot for an additional story line, I would suggest (removed, see below) Just a humble suggestion for an over-all plot . . .
--Ontario, Canada
Film Farms Hello Art... you are proposing to violate copyright above, which we will not facilitate.  Original music can be found on legal DVDs recently released in Germany (with English track) and can be purchased through Amazon.  Also, the place for your plot suggestion is the Sound Off! perk.  Thanks!
Jason If you all film this new episode in the August-September time frame, the when should we be able to see it? Thanks.
Film Farms Jason... that will be up to the entity that ends up paying for the production.  We'll all find out together!
One Who Waits @ Art Pattison. Why don't you take that money you made from selling the NX dvd's and donate it to this project. Then all will be right with the world!
--Cicely, Alaska
Tracy Hayes Like a dream come true. My all time favorite show. Me and my friends from rural North Carolina were just like the characters--all a little eccentric. Visiting Cicely was like my perfect place to live.
--State Road, NC
Colin I moved to Alaska soon after becoming a fan of Northern Exposure. I lived in the interior and in Anchorage. I am now an actor and comedian working in Vermont. My friends in college called me "Chris" because of the shocking similarities that existed between the character and my real life. If you ever have a part for an additional long lost brother of Chris...(Bernard is awesome!) it would be an honor.
--Bristol, VT
sandy McQueen Hi Darren. I always loved Northern Exposure. Was sad when it went off the air. I was always a Ed fan. lol. Still a handsome man. Bring the show back.It would be awesome. Down to earth show
--Ontario Canada
Nancy I picked my perk and hope with all my heart that this awesome project works out for the cast and the many thousands of fans who love the show and all of you too. Keep on rockin' !!
--Fort Myers, FL
Chris D'Amato Darren and/or Film Farms,
When is the Sound Off Perk going to be available? I'm Going to be heading up to Roslyn(Cicely) this summer a few times before the shooting and I have some ideas and thoughts to share with you. Praying for good news after your talks with the studio heads in L.A.!
--Auburn, Washington
Film Farms Hello Chris... the Sound Off! login site will be up about a week after the campaign ends.  You will get an email from us with the details.  Thanks!
Gary So....if we don't reach our stated goal in the allotted amount of days, what happens then? Surely we don't quit after getting this far because of a little shortage?
--The Huskerplex
Film Farms Gary... no one "quits".  In fact the process has already begun (check the Updates page).  But if we get to a certain point and run out of the money necessary (think legal fees eespecially) than that would be a brick wall, wouldn't it?  The goal is set at 100K to drive this bus to completion.
Julia Hi, thank you so much for doing this! I grew up with NoEx, and it gave me so much, It would be so great to have another glimpse.
--Budapest, Hungary
Charlotte I am so happy you're doing this! I only wish I had $1990 because I would so LOVE to be an extra. However, I'll console myself that I'm supporting you to the best of my ability.
--Burlington, VT
Film Farms We are grateful for everyone's help and support!
Rhonda I can't tell you how glad I am you're doing this! The show is my all-time favorite, so I'm happy to donate and to pass along the link to my social network. Best of luck!
Joy Wilder This is so exciting!!!! I watch Northern Exposure almost every night.
My dream is to visit Roslyn, Washington. I would love to have a meal at the Brick. The show was written so well (first few seasons). I am still trying to decide what I am going to donate. I would love to be an extra on the show. I really want all of the perks!!! But I have got to make a decision. Will do before the 14th.
--Talbott, Tennessee
Matt Drew So glad I saw this in my feed today!
Made my investment and would absolutely LOVE to see this come together!
Keeping my eye on this!!
Sarah D'Annunzio Donated! Really hoping this happens!! Would love to make Moosefest some year! Good luck!
--Reno, NV
Dave & Rhonda Enjoyed talking with you and Barry in Cicely last July. Very excited, along with you and so many others, to watch this come to pass! LOTS of time on our hands and would be happy to help out in any way possible. The NEx experience remains my favorite moment(s) in television history. Best of Luck to you, my friend!!
--Somewhere on the Oregon Coast
Brian Johnson It'll be great to see the cast together again. Just donated. Thanks for doing this for the fans Darren and team!
--Rock Hill, SC
Chris D'Amato To Joy and everyone who has not been to Roslyn(aka:Cicely) it is unbelievable how the town is 'frozen' in time. It is almost exactly the way you all remembered it from the show. The Brick, Roslyn café, Joel's office is a gift shop, but still looks the same on the outside and KBHR radio set is still there too!
I love going there!!
--Auburn, Wa.
Karl This is great, I'm glad your trying to get this made!

I forgot to select a t-shirt size for my perk (it needs to be 2X), where can I send that update?

--San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Film Farms Send an email to
Jeremiah Donier I saw your ad on Facebook and bought the t-shirt. I cannot afford to pitch in much money, but can offer my creative design skills if they are needed. I ran a nonprofit print shop for almost six years so I know how to create almost anything that is printable, and make it electronic (pdf or high quality graphic files) as needed. Best of all I work with clients to make what the want or something even better than they imagined. I am not designers with an ego, so if it is not right I work on it until it is. Honestly I am not looking to make money on this offer, I am just a fan of the show. Check out my WindsweptIsles profile on for a few samples of my work. If you're not interested, no worries. Good luck on the project, I will be watching and hope it is a huge success. Thanks for all that you do! One last thing - my daughter Roslyn Cicely Claire wants me to say "hi".
--Langley, WA
Marjory So fun to read all these comments and know so many folks share my excitement.
--Kissee Mills, MO
GK Cowart Glad things are moving forward. Always wanted to be in an episode so I donated high. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Thanks, loved the book too.
--Roslyn, Washington
Kraig Just Donated! Got a tshirt, bluray, poster! Also got your book and dvd Northern Exposed too. Hope all this helps big or small. Thanks Darren and Team for making this "possibly" happen! T ry to get this on the news and hopefully pick up more donations , get the word out. I'd suggest possible extension of the donation deadline ! Looking forward to this very much! Cheers!
--Saint Louis, MO
Moosemeister I read above you can get the DVDs with the music, but i looked everywhere and cannot find this on Amazon, which Amazon? Would love to get this on DVD with the original music intact! Been wanted it for years and I think we all do. Please help if you can! Much appreciated and Big Cheers!
--Cicely, AK
Film Farms We'll have to look into that...
EA Moosemeister, you have to go to the German
Film Farms EA is correct; I mis-read your question.  I thought you  were looking for the CD put out with some of the original music.  If you can put up with titles in German, the new German release is great, an English soundtrack; a true "boxed" set for around $175 US.  You will need a region-free DVD player ($40 on eBay).
Katie Since people are talking about the German DVD box, make sure the item on is called "Ausgerechnet Alaska - Die komplette Serie in limitierter Holzbox" as there are other UK boxes listed on there that are not the right one. It's a very good investment... Just like this project! :)
Bobo It's a Beautiful day in Cicely today, what's goin' on Darren ?!!!

Has Sound Off! been opened yet? The Moose Abides

~ City of Brotherly Love
Film Farms Sound Off! opens one week after the close of the campaign.  You will get an email with the credentials...
Samara Stirneman It's apparent that this project is being fueled by a lot of hard work and a lot of heart. I hope that when you reach the end of the road, you were pleased/content with the journey...Looks like you've got a lot of people rooting for you :-). Best of luck to you all!
--Lansing, KS
Bill I loved this show so much!!! I really, REALLY hope this works!! Thank you for this!!!
--Ardmore, OK
James H Exciting stuff! Any chance the Blu-ray and poster will be offered separately though? I'd like to get the making-of discs but I'm concerned the poster won't arrive intact to Canada.
-- Toronto, ON
Film Farms James!  We've done a lot of research on collectible posters and their shipping.  We can promise it will make it there in pristine shape, and if it doesn't, we'll keep sending it until it does.
Kathleen Parkes Hi I just paid the $10. For the sound off perk & it went through , however there was no email sent to me for any log in access so I can participate my ideas of what cicely looks like today , etc . What do I need to do ? Thanks . 
--Victorville, ca
Film Farms Hi Kathleen... Sound Off! opens one week after the close of the campaign.  You will get an email with the credentials...
Carrie Skinner OK, we're getting down to the wire here. Everyone needs to post-repost this to their FB page or where ever you socialize. Also think about buying another perk. Common people, this is never going to happen again. Let's do this thing! Praying hard, Darren.
--Wolcott, NY
Dana Hi Darren, please make more. We need something family friendly for the whole family to watch.
--Portland, OR
Rick This is a wonderful idea. I will be contributing shortly. Will Janine Turner return as Maggie? I loved the book and film. I hope you can capture the old magic.
--Gloucester, MA
J. C'mon folks... Dig deep for a worthy cause.

Thank you for your efforts Darren.
--Pacific Northwest
Jay Darren ,

Are yall planning on still moving forward with this project if you don't reach the 100K goal? I don't want to be pessimist but I will believe this project is truly underway once I see Darren dye his hair black.'
--Redmond , WA
Film Farms By now, perhaps Ed has a touch of grey up there...
Rick ..... and I'll bet I'm still in love with Maggie !!!!!
--a satellite near you!
Bre Cruz I'd like to know which cast members from the original show have promised to come back for this.
--Grand Rapids, MI
Film Farms As Darren explained in the video, all the surviving cast members were open to returning.  Darren has spoken with most of them recently as well.  However, when it comes down to agents, contracts and commitments (in this business) anything can happen.  We'll proceed on the basis that all are available and see how things shake out...
Connie Hi again :-)

I picked and paid for the T-Shirt perk about two weeks ago; should I have got a confirmation email or something like that besides the Paypal-confirmation-of-payment mail?

thanks a lot in advance
Film Farms Hi Connie... no.  The Paypal email should be it.  We did/do send a thank you note a few days after, but some are rejected by your email provider or fall in your spam folder.  Yikes.  If you are concerned that we really got it, send a note to and we will confirm it.
Cynthia This is so fabulous ! I am so excited about this project.
I definitely would like one of those t-shirts, but there is no way to choose a size, am I missing something ? I go through the whole process, but see on drop down menu for size options.
--Alberta, Canada
Film Farms Hi Cynthia...  When you check out on the final page there is a box that you specify the size.  Normally it is Paypal's "Special Instructions to Seller" but we have labeled it for size.  Worst case, follow up with an email to and and we will note the size to your account.  Thanks for your donation!
Jody McClure Since the first pilot, i have loved this show and felt a connection to the characters. I actually have most of the episodes on VHS lol. There have been many times I've brought out the old VHS player to do a Northern exposure marathon, and it never gets old. This show is timeless in my opinion, and should STILL be on TV now. Thank you Darren for doing this, thank you for bringing us all back to Cicely...
--Terrell, Tx
Dean We are so close to the goal, you may not even realize it!

If every one of the 649 backers who have currently donated, would be willing to donate an additional $41 we would reach/exceed our goal!

649 x $41 = $26,609
Butch Bays Can't thank you enough for taking this on! Myself and my family are all huge fans of the show. This is a dream come true. Best of luck and all the good will we can send your way as you make this become a reality!
--Roseburg, OR
Kenzie I'm so excited by the prospect of new Northern Exposure! I discovered the series in college, and it's had a huge influence on me ever since. I just hope you can get Rob Morrow to reprise his role as Joel Fleischman. The show was never really the same after he left, and it won't feel like a true "return" without him on board. Good luck, Darren! If anyone can make new Northern Exposure happen, it's you!
--Pasadena, CA
Mary Thanks for doing this! I loved your book and DVD...looking forward to seeing how this comes together!
--Fall Creek, OR
Dwight Holmes When it is production time I am willing to volunteer time wherever possible unless I am booked elsewhere. I only live an hour north of Seattle and 2.5 hrs from Roslyn and am retired and usually available. I have been in two movies (actor and once a stunt man) so I am familiar some with onset protocol.
--La Conner, Wa
Valerie Sinco I'm thrilled about seeing Cicely and some of the old crew again, and the continuation of this lovable story! Thank you.
--Sacremento, CA
Christine Plumb Donated! Can't wait for the shirt! Love Northern Exposure!
--Kendallville, Indiana
Todd C. I can't believe I waited until the last day to donate! GO NX!
--Whitefish, MT
Shaun Grenan I just donated. Ive been sharing this on my Facebook page ever since I first learned about it. I appreciate all of your hard work and everyone's donations. Northern Exposure will forever be the show that I would choose to live in.
--Newaygo, MI
Brandy For the production assistant/intern perk, does one have to stay in Seattle and shuttle to Roslyn? Would it be possible to just stay out in the Roslyn area (I have a friend that lives there, so staying with her will be more convenient). I'll also have my own transportation. Thanks! :)
--Vancouver, WA
Film Farms Brandy... only if we're shooting in the Studio in Seattle will we need you there.
J. WOW!!!

A cameo appearance above from One Who Waits...

That's awesome! LOL!
Terry So looking forward to visiting the show again, I loved the book/dvd Darren produced- was an itch that needed to be scratched. If the amount isn't reached will there be an extension? Keep up the great work and hope to see you soon.
--Edmonton, Alberta
Kajuncoon Hope we can make it to the goal but I'm a little worried would love this to happen...
--Golden Meadow, LA
What a wonderful deal.. Hope this turns out well. My Sons and I Big fans of the show. They grew up and well I grew old er..!! (lol). Getting our order organized to send .... Best Wishes and success..
--Kearney,Mo. and KCMO
Jon Z. Excited to see how this develops. Donated today. Hopefully we will be able to see Cicely again.
--Missoula, MT.
Bill The Moose is loose !!! Hooray!!
--Ardmore, OK
Erik In the months to come if you guys need some more cash, I hope you'll still leave this open. I say that since I can give more in a month or so. Had already done the $300 level. Best wishes.
Bob A Okay, happy that your hard work and persistence seems to be paying off. I donated $300 a few weeks ago, for the copy of script and dvd/blu ray of behind the scenes footage of developing the new show. Will donate a second $300 today, for the same perk, but please give the perk to the most appropriate person you can find, since I don't need the duplicate. This will put you over $86,000.
--East Lansing, MI
Film Farms Hi Bob... we'll exchange emails when delivery time approaches.  Thank you for your generosity, we'll work something nice out.
Mark Davies More than happy to have added to the funds, Northern Exposure is a classic and has given me many hours of enjoyment over the years. Good luck guys.
--Kidderminster, UK
Mark Duncan I truly hope that you can be the catalyst to make the 'Return to Cicely' happen. I can not even begin to guess the hurdles that must be crossed to bring this about and pray that you are successful in this endeavor and can gain the support of your former fellow cast members
--Olathe, KS
Heather This is my favorite show ever!! Good luck! Maybe Netflix or Hulu will be interested?!!
Guac Watching Season Three this week and letting my kiddos in on the secrets of Cicely. Good luck with the project!
Gary Went back for moose t-shirts....have to have those.
--The Huskerplex
Lewie I am so excited! There were so many magical characters that felt like family on this show. To see them reunite once again will be worth it. I wish it could become a fresh reboot especially with how the world has changed so much. I would love to see how they fit in with this new interconnected smartphone world. The possibilites are limitless!
--Atlanta, Georgia
Jay I volunteer for Bob's duplicate perk to be given to me.
--Redmond , WA
Film Farms You're not the first to ask.  As we get closer, we will work with Bob, and see if perhaps there is something else nice we can do for him...
Marta K. Jones I'm so excited to be a Citizen of Cicely. That has been a lifelong dream. In fact, I'm planning my next tattoo to be a "Welcome to Cicely" signpost with the population number reflecting the number of fans who help make this a reality. We're at 813, so far, which is similar to some past accounts. [Or, maybe, 2016 to reflect a boom in growth/this year.] Thank you, Darren, for getting the band back together. And, thank you all for supporting this project!
--Allen, Texas
Marc Davis
I am excited for the Soundoff website to open. It will be great to read and share ideas about our favorite TV show!
Bill Just finished "Sounding Off". This is utterly fantastic!!! Been watching the shows on DVD all weekend!!
--Ardmore, OK
Carrie Skinner The sound off perk is really great! It was organized so well and very easy to navigate. The only problem was trying to come up with just 3 favorite episodes! What a work of love this whole thing is. We are all eternally grateful to you, Darren, for putting this all together. I can't say thank you enough...thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.....etc.
--Wolcott, NY
Film Farms We are thrilled so many folks are responding with so much thought and warmth.  We think you'll find the results quite interesting!
Geoff The best news for a long while to have the show back again.
Good Luck Darren
Chris D'Amato Man, I'm giddy with excitement about what you guys at Film Farms are going to come up with. I sure hope some of the Sound Off! ideas can be used when writing the script. That would totally be awesome and what a way for NX fans to be part of this New NX. Keep on keeping on guys!!!
--Auburn, Wa.
Chris D'Amato Haven't seen any comments for awhile even though I check 2-3 times a week. Very excited to hear more updates, Darren and Film farm staff, Any info, no matter how small would be encouraging. Thanks again from all of us 'crazy' Northern Exposure fans, still the best TV show ever produced!!!
--Auburn, Wa.
Film Farms We have been busy contacting former crewmembers of the show, but we did post a bit of info from the "Sound Off!" perk survey on our Facebook page and on the Updates page of this site...
MooseMeister Is there somewhere we can read all the comments made through the Sound Off! Even if they are used or never used? Would be cool to see some of the creative ideas either i'd like to see my own ideas and what others think of them, including yourself? Cheers n thanks! Cant wait for Cicely Today!
--Saint Louis, Moose-oooray!
Film Farms Of course!  But the people are not yet finished.  We are pushing out bits and pieces as we go along on the Updates page and on our Facebook page at  Once everyone has had a chance to contribute their thoughts, a final PDF will be sent by email to all who contributed.
M. M. Gettys I am finally able to contribute! Is the project still going forward? Are the lawyers approaching Universal? I write in Gettysburg and teach writing. This show was so well written; every episode evoked pathos in the audience! I'd be glad to help the writers in any way, if needed! Lastly, can we still order t-shirts?
Film Farms We are indeed going forward and progressing.  So far about 2/3 of the original crew have promised to help.  .
Pete I can't wait to see the results of all your hard work for our favourite tv programme.
Please don't forget that as well as the characters and locations that brought Cicely to life it was also the great music that gave it such a fab soundtrack.
Keep up the great work. Now if you could only bring back Brad Bonner.
Boss Scott My wife and I love the show! We were wondering if you know if some of the cast is interested in doing the show? We hope so!
--Detroit, MI
Film Farms As we said in the video, all of the cast has expressed an interest.  We are going through the process of signing our preferred writer and will announce that in the next two weeks
Marc Davis I can't wait to hear who the writer is. I check this site everyday for updates... I do have a life... I promise.... ;)
Film Farms Stay tuned.  We expect to announce the writer very soon.
Chris D'Amato Your not alone Marc, I find I'm checking this site first thing in the morning and at work later in the day. Thank you Darren for doing this! I can't wait for this summer!!
--Aubuen , Washington
Chris D'Amato Is there any news on an estimated time of filming? I know you said August/September time frame but has that narrowed down at all? Just thinking of Extras that need to get time off and book flights, etc.I'm sure you'll post as more info comes in, just checkin':)
Debbie Abbe Can't wait to hear more updates! So glad this is getting done!
--Corona, CA
Wallie Don't be deceived . . . Marc has no life . . . but neither do I . . . who's the writer who's the writer who's the writer ????? Just give us a hint . . . initials . . . one episode they wrote . . . who's the writer??? ;)
Bourgue Thanks-a-mundo for the forum. Really thank you! Much obliged.
Film Farms We're not trying to be coy.  Just lots of details that need to be done with contracts, etc.  When we say who the writer is, that writer will be signed and working on our show. 
Charles Darren, is there any way to post a ballpark timeline (like by month) for all your above answers? I did hear about this a few weeks ago and got the $75 option, but wondering about time of the great progress. Also, great tip about the DVD's. (If it is OK, and useful, here is the actual link so people get the right one with the music and English track. )

Finally, if I read the donate page correctly, is it at about $95K total so far? That is way cool, given that I only heard about this by checking at MooseChick's website to see if it was still there...after finishing watching my DVD's for at least the 10th time.

Iris DeMent's "Our Town" has me in tears not wanting to say goodbye every time I finish the series!
--Mystic, CT
Film Farms For the moment we can only go with the timeline indicated in the perks.  Everything that happens depends on the decisions and actions of others.  It is like peeling an onion, one layer at a time...
William I realize that since you must have a million and one things to put together, the shirts may have been pushed back a bit. The perk had a delivery date of June but I had not received it yet. Thanks and full steam to Cicely !!!
--Ardmore, OK
Film Farms What the shirt will say depends on whether we are successful in making more Northern Exposure episodes.  We had hoped to know something in June, but it now appears our meeting with them will be sometime in July.

This would be the difference between the shirt saying "The Moose is Back thanks to Me (and a few thousand close personal friends)" and "The Moose was nearly Back thanks to Me (and a few thousand close personal friends)"
Deb Howarx So glad you are "getting the band back together", loved your work on the series, which left an indelible impression on me. Have visited Roslyn many times to walk in the moose's footsteps and "pull the camel's tail". Would love to see this come together,may the Universe make it so...
--Santa Cruz, CA
TooColdToHold Darren & Gang! YOU ROCK! Bring It On! Oh YEAH, we're ready for some cold Cicely at this time of year during the hot summertime! I'm ready for cool weather myself...
Cheryl Adams I paid for a tshirt almost a month ago and have not received it. Can you help me?

--Culver, In

Film Farms Hello Cheryl.  What the shirt will say depends on whether we are successful in making more Northern Exposure episodes. We are putting the presentation package together for Universal. We had hoped to know something in June, but it now appears our meeting with them will be sometime in July/August.

This would be the difference between the shirt saying "The Moose is Back thanks to Me (and a few thousand close personal friends)" and "The Moose was nearly Back thanks to Me (and a few thousand close personal friends)"

We are happy to provide a full refund if you wish, send a note to
Film Farms It seems Cheryl had gotten the t-shirt for a friends birthday without understanding the fluid nature of what the were to say or when they would be produced.  We have refunded her money.
Lisa McGuire I order a t-shirt back in April and have not received it. But your response above answers my question. I still want the t-shirt and am willing to wait........ And I want it to say "the Moose is back thanks to me" !!!!!!
~Vista, Ca
Cole OMG, so mad I didn't hear about this in time to get one of the cicely resident spots. I guess I will have to settle for one of the other options :(. This is so awesome! Just started watching the whole series again about a month ago. Best scene ever was when everyone laughed at Rick's satellite coffin. I have watched it about 15 times in the last two days.

~St. Louis, MO


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