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As of Saturday March 26 at 8:15 AM MDT the "Citizen of Cicely" perk has sold out with 15 people signing up to be featured extras! 
After many requests, we have decided to open up 5 more "Citizen of Cicely" Perk slots.  We reviewed our costs on delivering the perk and with some additional staff and shuttle space we can make it work at a cost of $1990.  1990 was a very good year; Northern Exposure premiered July 12, 1990!
Upon reflection of pricing and accessibility, we have decided to drop the Production Assistant/Intern Perk to $1750, down from $3000.  Click on the perk for more details.  This is a very interesting and exciting experience!
Very important meetings in Los Angeles this week, meetings that will determine the course of action as we pursue our goals of creating new Northern Exposure.  We can't comment on the particulars until things are set and signed.  Suffice it to say that things are proceeding on-course...
The meetings in LA went very well.  Unfortunately we must be short on specifics because agreements are not yet fully negotiated or signed.  We do now have a clear path to follow and all we can really (legally) say is the same thing the guy said when he jumped off the 30 story building.  As he passed the 10th floor he was heard to say, "So far, so good..."
Close enough.

Our fundraising campaign brought in $85,865 and you all did stellar work to get us there. We have gone over the numbers and we believe we can make things happen with the $85,865.

Thanks to everyone who made individual sacrifices to see that our mission succeeds. We have begun the work and we will post updates both on the Darren Burrows and Film Farms Facebook pages, as well as the "Updates" area of this website.

Everyone deserves a "Second Chance".

We had a lot of folks tell us that the campaign's conclusion time did not line up well with their cash flow this week. To that end, we will keep some of the perks up and click-able and you can still get T-Shirts and some of the autographed items. The Sound Off! perk will no longer be available and will no longer be included with the other perks because it is time-sensitive and the information gathered will be shared with the writing team sooner than later. Everyone who participated in the actual campaign will receive their login credentials within one week.

Look around and see what perks are still available. Since we came up a "little short", we will use the Second Chance Open Campaign as a safety net should coming up short hurt us later.

Thanks again to the best fans and friends a television show ever had!
The "Second Chance" post-campaign has proven to be very popular.  The way it is going we may hit the $100,000 anyway.  Well done!
Image result for update Testing is nearly complete on the "Sound Off!" perk interface. We expect links and credentials to go out tomorrow (Sunday 4-24) evening...
Image result for update The Sound Off! perk credentials emails went out to everyone who helped us with our fundraising campaign. If you didn't get yours send a note to and we'll figure it out.  4-24-16
Image result for update Analyzing text is quickly done using a graphic that the more the text appears, the bigger the word. For this graphic from the Sound Off! responses so far, the question was "Please describe your favorite episode with the title or a brief description" see below

Image result for update

Nearly 300 responses so far on the Sound Off! perk.  The graphic below is for the Top 4 Recurring Characters...

Image result for update I think with 319 responses so far, this text analysis is interesting. The question was Briefly describe where Maggie O'Connell is today and what is she doing? Family?

Image result for update So... with 340 responses, below are your two favorite characters. Chris Stevens and Ed Chigliak. It is so close the lead changes day to day. Let's just agree that, without these guys there is no Northern Exposure. Keep your eyes open; more updates later in the long weekend.

We've decided to consolidate updates to one spot.  As of June 3, 2016 please look to our Facebook page for the latest updates on our progress.  Also, as a thank-you to our donors we will send major updates to them by email 6 hours before posting them on the Facebook page.

Thanks to everyone for all the help and good wishes.  See you in Cicely!


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